Mahuika crater

Mahuika crater is a submarine bolide impact crater, 20±2 kilometres wide and over 153 meters deep, on the New Zealand continental shelf, named for the Maori god of fire.
Researchers have found evidence from an Ice Core indicating that the large Impact occurred circa 1443 A.D.
Samples taken from the West Antarctic Siple Dome ice core that date between 1440 and 1448 A.D. show high values of potassium and calcium as well as impact glass, microcrystalline magnetite, minerals and five microfossils.
Around that time the natives of New Zealand abandoned their southern coastal settlements.
The impact may have resulted in tsunami run-ups of as much as 130m in Jervis Bay Australia.
Interestingly the date corresponds to the start of a cold climate temperatures that lasted till 1850 AD.



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