Maleme airfield under bombs 1940

Maleme airfield – the key to winning the battle for Crete. By the end of the first day Student had been receiving news of nothing but failure. Only at Maleme was there a glimmer of hope. The 3rd Parachute Regiment had secured neither Canea nor Galatas; the 2nd Parachute Regiment had captured a hill overlooking Retimo airfield, but had taken heavy casualties doing so; and the 1st Parachute Regiment had been widely dispersed on landing and was in no position to take Heraklion airfield. For the 7000 paratroopers who had been committed, the immediate future appeared bleak indeed. This photograph was taken after the battle for Crete was over, and shows British bombs exploding on the airfield.

Also look at this file for the overview:


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