Marcus Island – 1021 km from nearest land

Minamitori-shima (南鳥島) or Marcus Island is an isolated island in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, located at 24°18′N, 153°58′E. The Japanese meaning of the name is "Southern Bird Island". It is 1.2 km² in area. It is the easternmost territory belonging to Japan, some 1 848 km SE of Tokyo, or 1 267 East of the closest Japanese island, Minami Iō-jima of the Ogasawara Islands, and nearly on a straight line between Tokyo and Wake Island, which is 1 415 km ESE. The closest island, however, is Farallon de Pajaros of the Mariana Islands, which is 1021 km WSW of Minamitori Shima.

It is triangular in shape and as well as low lying. It was created by coral which eventually turned into a landmass. The island is surrounded by a fringing reef which range from 50 metres to 300 metres in width.

The island is unusual as it in fact gets higher the closer you get to the coast. The central area of the island is 1 metre below sea level whilst the coast is about 5 to 8 metres.



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