Mil Mi-14 at Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento

The Mil Mi-14 (NATO reporting name “Haze”) is a Soviet anti-submarine helicopter which is derived from the earlier Mi-8.

Amphibious firebuster version of Mi-14BT. Conversion price about USD1M.

The Mil Mi-14 is built in antisubmarine, mine countermeasures, and search and rescue versions. Its features include two Klimov TV3-117MT turboshaft engines, a boat-like hull similar to the Sea King, rear fuselage sponsons, and a retractable wheeled undercarriage. In all probability, the naval Mi-14 can be used for over-the-horizon target designation, guidance of surface-to-surface missiles and for search and rescue. It may have a bomb bay for antisubmarine torpedoes, depth charges and other weapons used against naval units. It was first flown in September 1969 and entered service in 1975 with the Soviet Air Force.

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