Moody Point Base-End Station – Location 153

This concrete tower, now a local real estate office, was completed in September 1943 on a leased 0.32 acre site as a Base-End Station for Battery 103/Seaman (B13 S13) at Fort Dearborn. The roof deck was used for the anti-aircraft intelligence service (AAIS OP 12). Searchlight position #20 was located nearby just east of the tower.

The lighthouse decoration on top of the tower is a modern addition. The attached house as it stands today is not original to the WWII period. The original 2 1/2 story wooden cottage was attached to the tower and was identical in design to the stations at Bald Head Cliff and Salisbury Beach. The original cottage was demolished sometime after the war. The present house was built in the 1960’s and was used as a rental beach house. It was later converted to its present office use.




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