Napoleonic War, The Waterloo Campaign (Overlays)

The Hundred Days (French Cent-Jours) or the Waterloo Campaign commonly names the period between 20 March 1815, the date on which Napoleon Bonaparte arrived in Paris after his return from Elba, and 28 June 1815, the date of the restoration of King Louis XVIII. The phrase Cent jours was first used by the prefect of Paris, the comte de Chabrol, in his speech welcoming the king. It is also referred to as War of the Seventh Coalition because at each stage of the Napoleonic wars, France fought against different combinations of countries in coalitions allied against it. This was the last conflict and it was fought by a coalition of Britain, Russia, Prussia, Sweden, Austria and a number of German States against the person of Napoleon Bonaparte, whom the Coalition powers in Vienna declared an outlaw and not the leader of France.


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