Neunkirchen Marshalling Yard Damage

Ninth AF 2nd Phase Interpretation Report US10/D SPECIAL

DATE: 15 Jan 45, HOUR: 1300A

PERIOD UNDER REVIEW: This report covers all damage to annotated area through 15 Jan 45.

COVER: The M/Y is covered on prints of good quality.

STATEMENT: Within the dotted lines is evidence of a terrific explosion. The area of devastation measures approximately 85 yards by 40 yards, and debris has been thrown for a distance of at least 250 yards. The central area of the explosion is so black that an accurate damage assessment cannot be made from this cover; however, at least fifteen damaged or destroyed wagons are visible, and many others have probably been blown to pieces. Four rail lines have been cut for a distance of approximately 120 feet.

ACTIVITY: No activity is noted.


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