Oker Quarry

A new species of mini-dinosaur has been unearthed at this quarry at Oker, Germany.
The creature was of the sauropod type – that group of long-necked, four-footed herbivores that were the largest of all the dinosaurs.
But at just 1.7 to 6.2metres in length, this animal was considerably smaller than its huge cousins.
It is thought that the Jurassic species evolved its small form in response to limited food resources on an island.
The species has been given the formal classification Europasaurus holgeri, or “Holger’s reptile from Europe”. The name honours Holger Luedtke, a self-taught palaeontologist who found the first bones in 1998.
In height terms, an adult E. holgeri would have been about the size of a horse at the shoulder.
The fossils were found in Late Jurassic carbonate rock (about 150 million years old). At this period in Earth’s history, much of what is now central Europe was under water.



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