Project 1154 Yastreb – Neustrashimy class frigate

Neustrashimy class frigates (Russian: Неустрашимый, alt.Eng. Neustrashimyy) are the most modern large frigates in the Russian Navy. The Soviet designation is Project 1154 Yastreb (Hawk).

The ship class was designed as a general purpose ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) frigate to follow on from the Krivak class frigates. This group of frigates incorporates some stealth technology. The ship is equipped with a newly designed Zvezda-1 integrated sonar system (with NATO reporting name Ox tail) as its primary ASW sensor. The program started in 1986 and seven ships were originally planned. As of 2007, only one ship, the Neustrashimy (Неустрашимый – Fearless), is in service with the Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet and is active. On February 24, 2009 the second ship in the class, the Yaroslav Mudry, left the Yantar shipyard in Russia’s Kaliningrad for its first sea-trials.

The ships were built by Yantar Yard, Kaliningrad. Only the Neustrashimy was completed by the time the Soviet Union collapsed. Two further ships were incomplete. Yaroslav Mudry (named after the great ruler of the Kievan Rus Yaroslav the Wise) and Tuman (Fog, named after the World War II era Soviet patrol boat whose crew exhibited great valour in combat with three German destroyers). As of February, 2009, the frigate Yaroslav Mudry has began sea trials and will enter service in April, 2009.

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