Rockall is about 300 miles off the coast of Scotland, measures just 83 feet across, 65 foot high and 100 foot wide, but has proved incredibly controversial over the years. The earliest recorded landing was in 1810 but the ownership of Rockall has been disputed for centuries with the Irish Republic, Denmark and Iceland making claims for it. It was officially annexed by Britain in September 1955 when a landing was made by helicopter from the navy vessel HMS Vidal. It became part of the United Kingdom in February 1972 when the Isle of Rockall Act was passed in the UK parliament. In the 1980s, John Ridgeway, the Atlantic rower actually lived on the islet for nearly a month to confirm British ownership, however there are no permanent human inhabitants.
In the summer of 1997 it was briefly occupied by Greenpeace activists who declared it the state of Waveland.

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