The Lost Tanks of D-Day – Omaha

Another WW2 underwater view.
Usualy those images are 3D images but i do not know how to make them working in 3D in GE
Three DD tanks, sank June 6th 44.
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WWII’s D-Day Invasion would be history’s largest seaborne assault–over 4,000 ships carrying 170,000 troops. A secret weapon was to lead the way: the Duplex Drive (DD) Tank–Shermans modified to “swim” to shore.
Scheduled to hit the beach before foot soldiers, without them the infantry would be sitting ducks. And that’s what happened at Omaha Beach–28 out of 30 DD Tanks sank before reaching shore.
John Chatterton travels to Normandy and joins famous French diver Bertrand Sciboz in search of sunken tanks.


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