Tung Chung Fort, Hongkong

Tung Chung Fort is a fort located near Tung Chung, on Lantau Island, in Hong Kong. Located near Tung Chung Road, the fort is surrounded by villages of Sheung Ling Pei and Ha Ling Pei. It has a companion Tung Chung Battery on the coast.

Tung Chung Fort was built in during Shun Hei era (淳熙, 1174 – 1189) of Southern Song Dynasty. Smugglers on the Lantau Island smuggled salt from the island to the Canton City and attacked the government of the city. The government sent a navy led by King Leok Chin (經略錢) to fight against the smugglers. Three hundred soldiers were stayed in Tung Chung and built the Tung Chung Fort. After 3 year of peace, the soldiers were retreated and 150 of them were transferred to built and stayed in Kowloon Walled City.

During Qing Dynasty, the pirates, including the famous Cheung Po Tsai, chose the bay of Tung Chung as their base and made use of the fort. Qing Government recovered the fort after the surrender of Cheung Po Tsai. In 1832 (or 1817 alternatively) the fort was restricted and garrisoned by the Right Battalion of Tai Peng to defend the coast from pirates until the lease of New Territories to Britain in 1898. The fort was then abandoned.

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