Valley of Roses

Valley of Roses (aka Rose Valley) is a region in Bulgaria located just south of the Balkan mountains and famous for its rose growing industry from which 70% of the world’s rose oil is produced. The centre of this rose oil industry is Kazanluk.


The Valley of Roses is one of the biggest producers of rose oil in the world. The soil and the climate in this region are quite suitable for the roses. The conditions in Kazanlak proved to be more favourable for the cultivation of the rose than those in its own country of origin – Tunisia. This is specifically valid for the rainfalls. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May and June contributed to obtain roses yielding high percentage of oil.


To visit Bulgaria and not go to the Valley of Roses is to go to Egypt and not see the pyramids. The Valley of Roses is in the very heart of the country and is shielded by the high slopes of two majestic mountain ranges – the Balkan and Sredna Gora.

The ancient Greeks decorated their temples with roses. Homer described rose oil in the "Iliad" and in the "Odyssey". In his "Natural History" Pliny mentions the rose that was grown in Thrace.

The emergence of the perfume industry in France in the 17th century triggered off the rapid development of rose production, including the Bulgarian lands. Rose oil that was extracted, as in ancient times by the distillation of fresh rose petals, which were treated with water steam became a kind of Bulgarian currency.



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