WWII Torretta Airfield, Italy

The first aerodrome that 150 and 142 occupied in Italy was Cerignola #3 at Torretta 8 miles from the Italian cathedral Town of Cerignola. It had first been surveyed as a possible airfield in October 1943. All of 205 Group’s squadrons landed at Torretta after leaving the Kairouan/Oudna Area and then moved on to other fields leaving 150 and 142 Squadrons in residence between December 1943 and Febuary 1944. The field was very muddy with a single runway and hardstandings made of crushed clay and rock. After 330 Wing left Torretta it was taken over by units of the USAAF who improved the aerodrome so that it could be used as an effective base for B-24 Heavy bomber operations.


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