Aerial photo of Attu Naval Air Station, 1944

Attu Airfield is an airfield located on Attu Island, Alaska. It is located at Alexai Point and Casco Cove on Attu. Mountains are located to three sides of the airfield.

The airfield was built by United States Army Engineers during World War II. The first USAAF aircraft to land at the airfield was a C-47 Skytrain, landing fighters crews at Alexai Point. It was used as a staging airfield for bombers attacking targets in the Kurile Islands.

Known units assigned to Attu were:

* 344th Fighter Squadron (343d Fighter Group), 12 Jun-Dec 1943
* 77th Bombardment Squadron (28th Bombardment Group), 11 Feb 1944-19 Oct 1945
* 18th Fighter Squadron (343d Fighter Group), Mar 1944

Largely disused since the war, it has been reopened in recent years to support a small US Coast Guard Loran station. The island is protected as part of the National Parks Trust territory and few people visit the island or area, as it is restricted.

Gun emplacements for over twenty guns are still present around the airfield.



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