All houses and most projects from Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

Ever wondered where Ty Pennington and his team built the houses and secondary projects of the show?

Here are all the houses from season 1 to 9, also secondary projects within a show are plottet in. Also all of the specials are found.

When not visible in GE there is included a link to Bing Maps (including Birds Eye View).

You can see them in Street View and some in Google Maps 45 dgr where available too. You can also see how the houses looked before in either Street View or Birds Eye View.

The file also contains informations from Wikipedia.

The show has been stopped with season shows late 2011. Only specials has been made and will be shown later.

Many of the former houses you can see in Google Timeslider or in some placemarks.

You can also see where Ty Penninton, Paul DiMeo and Paige Hemmis lives.

The icons are marked with 3 colours:.

Green = Houses still owned by Family.
Red = Houses sold after the show..
Blue = Secondary Projects or former houses moved from.

Have fun.

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