Ark built by Johan

Johan’s Ark or Ark van Johan is a reconstruction of Noah’s Ark built by Dutch creationist Johan Huibers. The replica is half the length of that given in the Bible, 150 cubits or 70 metres. Johan’s model is 30 cubits high and 20 cubits wide. The Bible reports Noah was commanded to build an ark having a length of 300 cubits, a width of 50 cubits, and a height of 30 cubits.

Huibers built the vessel in the river port of Schagen, 45 km north of Amsterdam, in one and a half years time; in 2007 he opened the doors to visitors. After a few months he sailed, towed by tugboat, through canals in the Netherlands and moored in the harbours of Rotterdam and Arnhem.

Huibers states that he followed details given in Genesis during construction of the Ark. Some deviations have been necessary such as building the Ark out of American Cedar and Pine over a steel hull rather than the enigmatic gopher wood specified in the Bible. The Ark contains models of various animals, and other displays. Huibers spent more than €1 million on the project.

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