Austrian alternate bunker Einsatzzentrale Basisraum

The Einsatzzentrale Basisraum (EZB), is an Austrian government bunker facility in St. Johann im Pongau in Salzburg.

The Operations Center was built in the years after 1977 during the Cold War on the basis of experience gained from the events around the crushing of the Prague Spring that have been erected.

For this a five storeys bunker 300 meters below the surface was built. In addition to the heart of the air defense system, gold hood premises were provided in both the Federal Government and the President in a war threat case should be brought. From there, the government should continue to be carried out. Moreover, even rooms for the transmitters to the ORF.

The choice of location fell through geological and strategic considerations on the area. Strategically for the defense was more a case of threat from the former Soviet bloc feared. In this case, the more difficult to defend the east of the country abandoned. In the mountains would be an easier defense. Even in the event of a nuclear attack would be the bunker facilities in both the direct attack that is not likely to be so adopted, as well as of radioactive precipitation protected, and so an effective government possible.

A further significance of the bunker as a possible escape in the wake of nuclear disaster in 1986 in Chernobyl.

Long time the bunker was one of the best-treated state secrets. Only in recent years was also in the bunker to the public. Besides the main use by the armed forces, here about 250 employees, the federal government since 1982, including a backup system of the computer system of the Federal Chancellery (Zentrales alternate system of the federation) has been established. Other institutions such as the Austrian National Library have set up data storage. In the future, including a backup system for the computers to the Schengen EU market and also the investigation data of the Schengen Information System (SIS) II, which in 2008 will have to be stored here.


Notice it covered as a house with a tennis ground.



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