Caja de Muerto

Caja de Muerto is an island south of Puerto Rico that is protected by the Natural reserve Caja de Muertos Natural Reserve, because of native turtle traffic. The island is located 8.4 km south of the Puerto Rican mainland. It is part of Playa barrio of Ponce municipio. It is 2.75 km long northeast-southwest, and up to 860 meters wide (560 meters on the average). The area is 1.54 km². Close by are Morrillito Key (180 m off the southwest point, 0.04 km²) and Berbería Key (6.2 km to the northeast, 0.30 km²), which are also part of Caja de Muertos Natural Reserve. Berbería Key belongs to Rio Canas Abajo barrio of Juana Diaz municipio. The climate is dry and the island supports dry forest. A lighthouse, Muertos Island Light, established in 1887 and automated in 1945, still works at the top of the mountain. The island is called Caja de Muerto (Box of the Dead, Coffin) because it resembles someone lying down when seen from the main island. At the belly sits the lighthouse.



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