Caribbean Petroleoum Refining, LP

Refining operations began at the site in 1955 under the name of Caribbean Refining Corporation. This facility was purchased in 1962 by the Gulf Oil Corporation, and given the new name Caribbean Gulf Refining Corporation. Chevron Corporation acquired ownership
of the facility when it purchased Gulf Oil Corporation in 1984. In 1987, the facility was sold to First Oil Corporation and now operates as an independent refinery under the name of Caribbean Petroleum Refining, Limited Partnership.

Caribbean Petroleum Refining (CPR), LP is located in the Luchetti Industrial Park in Bayamon, Puerto Rico – north of Ft. Buchanan in Bayamon and south of the municipality of Catano. CPR began operation in 1955 as a refinery. It processes virgin crude oil imported
from Venezuela to produce petroleum products such as unleaded gasoline, light and heavy fuel oil, and asphalt. The refinery was designed to process approximately 38,000 barrels of crude oil per day.



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