Chadwell Heath Anti Aircraft Battery

The Chadwell Heath Anti Aircraft Battery was one of the largest purpose built AA sites protecting London during the Blitz of 1940-41.
This battery held 8x 4.5inch guns, reflective of its importance as the last line of defence against enemy bombers heading to Dagenham and the London Docks.
The site was built in 1935 and the buildings are mostly of brick (with concrete render) and reinforced concrete construction.
There are two command posts each with 4x gun emplacements set in a semi-circle on the eastward side and all are linked by concrete roads.
This anti aircraft gun site formed part of the Inner Artillery Zone and saw a considerable amount of action during the Blitz and is recorded as being in use on 76 consecutive nights.
This site, designated ZE1, is the only remaining eight gun site of the north east sector.
By 1942 ZE1 was designated a ‘Master Gun Site’ and had its own Radar with fire control responsibilities over adjacent sites.
At its height it was manned by over 280 personnel, mostly drawn from the Royal Artillery.

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