Chandelier hall in Colognes sewer system

Chandelier Hall is the name of a three-and about 4.60 meters high in a in Colognes sewer system. For the inauguration in 1890 the room was decorated with two chandeliers, each with six candles, because the German Emperor Wilhelm II had been invited but never came. At the end of the 1980s the old chandeliers were replaced because they were rotten by new white-painted electric chandeliers, which were specially reproduced for this purpose.

The entrance of the Chandelier Hall is located under a green-painted floor with a hydraulic opening device in the park area near the northern crossing of the Theodor-Heuss-Ring with the Clever Strasse in Colognes Neustadt-Nord area.

It was developed by the city architect Josef Stübben. The Stübben sewer system was considered to be technically exemplary.

A stone memorial plaque in the Chandelier Hall rememberst the start by Mayor Frederick William Becker in 1890.

The building was not damaged during the Second World War. It presents itself today in an excellent condition and still serves its original function. However, the sewage is now directed to the right bank treatment plant in Stammheim.

Since 2000 the Chandelier Hall is open for the public for tours and concerts because of the accoustic. The stay in the chandelier room is generally permitted only with permanent measurement of gas parameters. The Chandelier Hall is available since 24 June 2004 listed.


Video of a concert:



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