Copenhagens new Las Vegas style fountain

May 6. 2011 a new fountain in Copenhagen was started.

More than 2,000 water nozzles that can each send a jet of water 2.5 meters into the air in style with the Bellagio hotel fountain-show in Las Vegas.

The fountain, which covers an area of 3,000 square meters is Copenhagen’s largest. For comparison, Gefion Fountain at Langelinie little over 700 square meters. Patterns change according to weather and wind.

The nozzles is laid down in the square plane of light Norwegian slate, so space is very simple and open when the water does not break. And when turned on, so changing water patterns that you can move over and around in. The fountain is controlled by an advanced computer system that regulates the collums of the waters height in relation to wind and weather, so there is never trouble passing the site without getting wet feet.

In the evening casts a special precision lighting pattern of light beyond the square, while a large round mirror pool at the site indicated by a blue-green light.



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