Crashsite of English Electric Canberra B.2 near Carn an T-Sagairt Mor

Registration: WJ615
Operator: Royal Air Force: (35 Squadron)
Accident Date: 22 Nov 1956
Accident Site: Carn an t-Sagairt Mòr (1,047m / 3,430ft)

Aircraft Accident Details
This particular Canberra was attached to No.35 Squadron RAF. (No.50 Squadron also had been equipped with Canberras, but theirs had been replaced with Avro Vulcan bombers 10 months prior to this accident.)

Flying Officer Redman (Pilot), with Flying Officer Mansell (Navigator), of No.35 Squadron was detailed to fly Canberra B.2 WJ615 on an authorised 3 hours night sortie.

At 18:02 (Zulu) hours the aircraft took off from RAF Upwood (Cambridgeshire, England), received clearance and departed for Kinloss (Scotland) Weather conditions for the entire trip were good.

At 19.00 hours the aircraft made R/T contact with Kinloss, after which a normal QGH1 from 25,000ft followed by a visual circuit and overshoot of runway 26 was carried out.

At 19.21 hours the aircraft was seen to climb away from an overshoot height of approximately 300ft by Kinloss Air Traffic Control who passed two regional pressure settings. Flying Officer Redman replied “Thank You. Good Night.” This was the last transmission heard from the aircraft.

The aircraft was seen to climb away for its return to Upwood. At about 19.30 hours (appoximately) witnesses from near Braemar heard a jet aircraft pass at an unusually low altitude for that area. One witness saw what must have been the tail navigation light, and the outline of the aircraft as it passed flying south, with the engines sounding normal and on a straight course. A few minutes later the witness saw a flash as it struck the hills [Carn an t-Sagair Mòr]. It was a clear night with a small amount of scattered cloud.



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