Dabolim Airport, Goa

Dabolim Airport is located in the village of Dabolim in Goa, India. It is the only airport in the state and operates as a civil enclave in a military airbase named INS Hansa. The airport was built by the government of the Estado da Índia Portuguesa in the 1950s on 249 acres. Until 1961 it served as the main hub for the local airline TAIP Transportes Aéreos da Índia Portuguesa, which on a regular schedule served Karachi, Mozambique, Timor, and other destinations. It was occupied by the Indian Navy In April 1962. Goa’s estimated 700 international flights per year account for some 90% of the country’s international charter tourist flights. It is estimated that about 150 to 200 thousand foreign tourists arrive at Dabolim on charter flights. Goa’s total foreign tourists (roughly double the charter passengers) account for 5-10% of the national figure and 10-15% of the country’s foreign exchange receipts from tourism.

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