East Gate – Jingfu Gate (Taipei, Taiwan)

Jingfu Gate, also known as the East Gate, built in 1882 AD (Qing Qing 8), than the Taipei city wall as early as two years to complete, because it’s an important move towards northern Taiwan port of Keelung, the defense has a heavy responsibility, but also in Taipei City, tin-mouth (This Matsuyama) of the channel. At that time, leading to the city’s East Gate, “East Gate Street,” is today’s Ketagalan Boulevard. Since it is now, is situated in front of the Presidential Palace, many public meetings and processions must pass through the ranks, but also brought the East Gate countless opportunities to be on camera, it can be said of all the people of Taiwan are most familiar with a Shing Mun, as if this is the area Politics and an important transportation hub. In that year, Taipei City 5 Shing Mun, to conduct their East Gate is the most detailed of a. The amount of title Jingfu doors north gate and the building structure is very similar, both in the city of stone blocks over to the thick brick walls have been received under the eaves, like a square impregnable fortress. The double brick wall, is a wooden structure. Sloping roof of the house is surrounded by the “Xie Shan”, the simple generosity. There are hollow green roof tile decorated, very elegant. Unfortunately, the same was later converted into a Chinese-style palace in the north tower, but the stone pedestal and a round arch for the original building materials, openings for the block and a half stone arches article, the border pattern LEI has preserved decoration, is still quite historical value.

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