Famous Strange Statues and Fountains

There are quite a few blogs out there with lists of statues that seem strange to the authors of those blogs. I began a project to locate as many of them as I can. Thus far I’ve found quite a few. Most are visible, though some are in shadows or under trees or the image is too old. Also note that three or so of the statues are in other places in their own posts, but I wanted a proper complete list of statues I’d found in these blog posts.

Some statues include:

Kafka monument, Prague
Parable with a Skull, Prague
Tower Babies, Prague
Urinating Statues, Prague,
Policeman Being Tripped, Brussels
The Man Who Measures the Clouds, Belgium
Faceless Seawall Babies, Belgium
Big Thumb, Paris
Tugendbrunnen, Nuremberg
Houseball, Berlin (it reminds people of Katamari Damacy)
Fluegelauto (Winged Car), Cologne
Ear Statue, Cologne
Das Wahlversprechen, Harrislee, Germany
Papiermännchen, Fulda, Germany
Parking on a Building Side, Netherlands
‘Iron Lady’, Netherlands
Faucet, Netherlands
Gold Ladies, Netherlands
Tête au carré, France (Cube Head)
Magic Faucet, ‘Aqualand’, Spain
River Statue, Cordova
Hands (false title), Como Italy
Heads and Hands (false title), Turin, Italy
Melting Cow, Hungary
Headington Shark
Minotaur and Hare, Cheltenham
Water Mobile Venus, Sweden and Paris
Gud Fader, Nacka Strand, Sweden
Cosmonaut Cow, Stockholm, Sweden
The Man Who Measures the Clouds, Ghent, Belgium
The Man Who Measures the Clouds, Antwerp, Belgium
The Man Who Measures the Clouds, Rome
Paparazzi Statue, Bratislava, Slovakia
Man at Work, Bratislava, Slovakia
The Merman and His Seven Sons, Copenhagen
Survival of the Fattest, Ringkøbing, Denmark
Girl with Umbrella, Minsk, Belarus
The Kiss (false title), Kharkov, Ukraine
Zodiac Park, Sviblovo, Moscow

Walking to the Sky, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Cloud Gate (aka The Bean), Chicago Illinois
Massive Fork, Springfield Missouri
Massive Chair, Los Angeles, California
Metalmorphosis, Charlotte, North Carolina
Jolly Green Giant, Blue Earth Minnesota
The Awakening, Washington DC
Bread Line, Washington DC
The Fremont Troll, Seattle
Windy Day (false title), Salt Lake City
Girl in a Wet Suit, Vancouver
“Rock Tree”, Ponta Grossa, Brazil (the title is mine)
La Mano (hand) in Uruguay

Swimming Boys, Singapore
Bird, Singapore
“Hashire” (aka, ‘knotted legs’) Kanazawa, Japan
The Man Who Measures the Clouds, Kanazawa, Japan

Australia / Pacific
Charles La Trobe Statue, Melbourne

Non-Violence (The Knotted Gun)
Malmo, Sweden)
New York, UN Building
Berlin, Germany)
Cape Town, South Africa)
Liverpool, United Kingdom)
Lausanne, Switzerland)

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