Fort Marlborough, Bengkulu

FORT MARLBOROUGH is an old fortress Built in 1713 till 1719 by British East India. As a British colonial heritage, Marlborough is located in the main street of Bengkulu. Inside the building, there is a subway connected to the outside. It was as the second strongest fort built by British in the east after Fort George in Madras, India. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1817 was appointed by British Administration as Lieutenant Governor of Bengcoolen (Bengkulu), during his administration, a botanist JOSEPH ARNOLD discovered the world largest flower at Manna district, southern parts of Bengkulu, the Flower is well known as RAFFLESIA ARNOLDI. The British ruled the region more than 100 years, then in 1825 under the London treaty, the administration was Handing over to the Dutch until Indonesia get the Independence Day in 1945.

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