Friends of a department store in Taichung

Since the opening of the Friends since the department store, that is, a “fast fitness proposal Living” in ourselves, providing the consumers in general to open one of the comfortable garden. Through the annual One of the stores converted to the secondary, but also fully realize this vision. Friends of department stores to the consumers in more sophisticated, rich, intellectual, emotional or both of the new look, a dream to build a new park off of the department store. Bright and spacious room挑高design, horizontal fluid line, and you can see green spots everywhere are out of human design.匠心独具lot of customers a lounge area, tea and coffee bar scattered in the floor, walk the meantime, do not mind shopping. The prevalence of sharp antennae, sensors continuously collect world-class merchandise. Modified through the annual adjustments to the merchandise floor positioning more clearly, to narrow the various customers and the distance between the fashion scene, so popular at any time跃动life. A smile from the “Welcome” to start, we offer every customer, humane and life-wide services. Apart from the general services projects, only a very small number of department stores parent-child toilet, disabled toilet and parenting consulting room, etc., but also appear in every possible way. Depth of your heart of service, I feel warm and cordial, as if in a strange and alienation in interpersonal relationships, linking from a zipper, led you to bear in my heart

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