Frydenlund Birdpark

The 2 km circuit leads first to a flock of cheeky Amazon parrots, before continuing on through the parrot section that is home to parrots from both Australia and South America.

The large areas of wetland are the habitat of aquatic birds from practically all parts of the globe, including a family of common shelducks. Out in the open savannah landscape, you can see the large ostriches from Africa, and their slightly smaller cousins from Australia and South America.

You can also see storks and cranes hunting through the long grass for insects and bugs. The 3000 m2 aviary in the savannah section contains all three species of peacocks – blue, green and white. Here, too, you can see whole families of the birds.

New to the park is a collection of tropical doves, which live in a completely renovated facility right next to the love trail. The tropical section now features lovebirds and grass parakeets, as well as the tiny tropical doves.

The circuit ends at the animal playground for our youngest visitors, and the grown-up playground for adults – or at the PARROT CAFÉ that always serves coffee and home-made cakes.

(From Visit Denmark)




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