Grandmothers Turf Hut Hotelroom – Nuuk

The Turf-Hut is a reconstruction of a traditional Greenlandic Turf-Hut. The turf Hut is located by the coast, with a panoramic view over the fjord, just outside the city. This is an option for those who would like to have an insight into the traditional way of living in the 40’s and don’t mind living with basic facilities.

The Hut was constructed by the initiative of a woman called ‘Grandmother’ or ‘Aanaa’ who learned the construction technique from her parents and decided to preserve that tradition. The Turf-hut is equipped with ‘Illeq’, a traditional bed where there is room for 6 persons, sleeping together just like in the old days. Aanaa offers Coffee/Tea/Cakes on the location as well as Greenlandic food upon request.


Rent of the hut per night DKK 750,-
Coffee/Tea & Cakes: DKK 40,- (Children 1/2 price)
Greenlandic Food: DKK 80,- per person

Please note that there is no running water, thus we recommend bringing your own water; however, there is a clean river running by. There are no toilet facilities in the hut; thus, visitors need to go into the nature.

Please contact Nuuk Tourism for further information and bookings.



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