Historic ship Stadt Kiel

The Stadt Kiel is a traditional boat with home port of Kiel and a technical cultural monument of the Land Schleswig-Holstein. It has a length of 28.13 m, a width of 7.30 m and is measured with 253 tons. They had an original 400 seats, is now but designed only for up to 100 passengers.

The Stadt Kiel ran on 26 ran May 1934 off from the Germania shipyard and was launched in the years that a passenger ship on the fjord line in use. A similar ship was as Heikendorf. In 1943 she was sunk by a bomb attack, but could be salvaged and then restored in the Danish city Svendborg, while she was also prolonged by three meters. By 1946, the ship was again in the Kiel Fjord in scheduled service, was rebuilt in 1954 on the shipyard company in Rendsburg, then went as charter and tour boat in the Bay of Kiel. In 1976, the Stadt Kiel was shut down. The new owner was founded in 1983, the MS Society Kiel eV, which undertook a comprehensive renovation and maintenance work and now performs with the ship passenger journeys in the southwestern Baltic Sea.


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