JASDF KC-767 Tanker

In 2001, Japan selected the KC-767 over a tanker version of the Airbus A310 and signed a contract in 2003. The Japan Self-Defense Forces ordered four aircraft and has designated the tanker KC-767J.

Delivery of the first KC-767J for the JASDF was delayed approximately two years due to development issues and the addition of the aircraft receiving FAA certification. The Japanese version of the tanker is equipped only with the boom refueling system. Boeing and its Japanese representative Itochu agreed with Japan Ministry of Defense (MoD) to pay a penalty fee for the delivery delay, according to the MoD Statement. The first operational KC-767A was delivered to Japan on 19 February 2008, with the second KC-767 following on 5 March. The third KC-767 was delivered to the JASDF in March 2009. The three KC-767J aircraft reached initial operational capability (IOC) status with the JASDF in May 2009. The fourth tanker was delivered in January 2010.

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