Jugendwerkhof Torgau

Jugendwekhof Torgau was a institution in the GDR, where teenagers, who did not fit into the image of socialist society should be re-educated. This happened politically in the first place, and only incidentally Vocational. In addition to the indoctrination of young people were given an almost useless part of training, with which they could possibly perform minor ancillary activities.

Adolescents who were 14 to 18 years were drawn in this way not only for property damage – especially on "socialist property" – thefts, violence or other crimes to the "responsibility". Often enough minor "offenses’ that attracted attention of the authorities or the neighbors, such as truancy, for example. There are also cases in which young people just out of the environment should be removed and others were detained in a youth as innocent Werkhof.

Young people, were early work with those in other courts or disciplinary problems that had escaped from there several times, could be admitted into the closed Youth Werkhof Torgau, a prison where they should be broken by means of harassment and humiliation.

From 1964 to 1989 more than 4000 teenagers were interred and suffered brutal "education. The former director of the institution once told it normally took 3 days to re-educate a teen into GDR rules.

The wardens could beat the teens with their keys or whatever they liked. The wardens punished/tortured them whereever and whenever they liked.

When they were sleeping they were only allowed to sleep on their back on the hard benches. If they turned around or layed on their side they were awaken at once by slamming or kicking on the dor and screaming "On your back". Cells were 8 m2 large.

They had to get up at 5:30 and exercise, then 15 minutes breakfast and the do hard work. Once a week they had "State Education", math, German and workers education.

Torgau was one of many but it was the worst and most notorious.




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