Michelin Tyres HQ and factory

Michelin (full name: SCA Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin) (Euronext: ML) based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne région of France, is primarily a tyre manufacturer, currently either the world’s second-largest or the largest. It is also notable for its Red and Green travel guides, for the Michelin stars that the Red Guide awards to restaurants for their cooking, for its road maps, and for its emblem, the Michelin Man.

The tyre manufacturing subsidiary is officially called Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin, "Michelin tyre manufacturing company of France." The company headquarters is in Clermont-Ferrand, 424 km south of Paris, France. In addition to the Michelin brand, it also owns the B.F. Goodrich, Taurus, Kormoran and Uniroyal (except in Australia) tyre brands.

Michelin is currently ranked first in the global tyre market, with Bridgestone second, Goodyear third, and Continental and Pirelli fourth and fifth, respectively.




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