MS Pacific Queen formerly MS Hansaline

MS Pacific Queen is a cruise ship touring in the Panama Canal.

It was build 1968 for the shipping company Hansa Linien A/S in Sonderborg and sailed from Sonderborg (DK) to Gelting and Flensburg (D) to Kollund (DK). Sometimes also from Graasten (DK) to Flensburg.

1981 it came under Panama flag for tax reasons and came to Piraeus (Greece) for four years but came back to Denmark 1986 to the company E.H. Rasmussen GmbH and sailed between Sonderborg and Gelting. Years later it was chartered to the Viking Rederi and sailed between Kollund and Flensburg.

2003 it was over with the “butterships” as the ships between Denmark were called in Germany because of cheap danish butter and “booze ships” (spritbaade in danish)because of cheap alcohol. On articles sold in shops there wasn’t added taxes.

The ships were a huge tourist attraction and a lot of pensioners used them as meeting places. They played cards, did have their meal and had a good time.

Also the danish princes, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, used the ships a lot when they served in the danish army and went to the sergeant school in Sonderborg.

2003 Hansaline was sold to an unknown company in Panama wand was sailed to Kiel, Germany to be rebuild. Here it got the new name, Pacific Queen, and was saied to the new destination. Panama.


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