Munkholm Zoo

Munkholm Zoo is one of the largest minizoos in Denmark’s. It is situated the out in country, and can only be reached by car. It is built around an old farm, with enclosures for the smaller mammals and birds and .Inside the farm there is also a smaller terrarium, with exhibits for various reptiles, mostly snakes and iguanas. Some of the mammals and birds at the farm include ferrets, coatis and green monkeys.

Around the farm is a grassy area with a group of enclosure for both larger mammals and birds. Many old farm species, such as cows, sheep, goats and horses can be seen out here. A small monkey house has also been built outside of the farm. Here you can see common marmosets, pig-tailed macaques and brown capuchins, in their indoor enclosure. The two largest of the monkeys also have outdoor aviaries, and the capuchins enclosure is brand new. At the farm, two green monkeys also live. The newest and best looking exhibits in Munholm Zoo are the exhibits for smaller mammals. Build using large wooden logs as fence; they create a great naturalistic environment. Here you can see green agoutis, nutrias, marsh mongooses, banded mongooses, South African porcupines and racoons. Nearby are also two large aviaries for servals and bobcats.

Munkholm Zoo is a nice minizoo in idyllic countryside surroundings, but nothing to travel far for. I would recommend it if you are in the area, since it is very close to Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari and the Scandinavian Wild Animal Park.




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