Nevada Solar One Power Plant

Nevada Solar One is the, largest concentrated solar power plant in the world, with a nominal capacity of 64 MW and maximum capacity of 75 MW, as of June 2007. The project required an investment of $266 million USD and electricity production is estimated to be 134 million kilowatt hours per year.

It is the second solar thermal power plant built in the United States in more than 16 years and the largest STE plant built in the world since 1991. It is on the southeast fringes of Boulder City, Nevada. It was built by Acciona Solar Power (formerly Solargenix), a partially owned subsidiary of Spanish conglomerate Acciona Energy. Lauren Engineers & Constructors (Abilene, TX) was the EPC contractor for the project. Acciona purchased a 55 percent stake in Solargenix and owns 95 percent of the project. Nevada Solar One is unrelated to the Solar One power plant in California.





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