Ochoa Fertilizer Company

Ochoa Fertilizer Corporation was based on December of 1926 in San Juan. It occupied the facilities that today have the Acuaexpreso.

It manufactured practically all the raw materials for his fertilizer mixture, expanding in 1948 in his plant in the bay of Guánica. Today a plant of physical mixture of installments.

Ochoa was acquired by W. R Grace in 1967 and soon sold by these to a group of investors (Ardshiel) next to part of the management in August of 1994; consolidating all the operations in the bay of Guánica. This group sold to Steel Partners in June of the 2000, being created Caribbean Fertilizer Group, LTD.

The fertilizers for agriculture and industry constitute 70% of their sales. The surplus represents products of distribution like land-chemistries, products of wire, plastics, ornamentales products of irrigation and products.

Ochoa counts on a body of sales specialized in providing discharge quality in technology, products and services of immediate, efficient and accurate form.

At the moment we had 61 permanent employees more 51 seasonal employees (dock workers in rotating turns of 8 hours), 17 workers each turn; during the unloadings of the boats. In addition, they are generated on 40 indirect uses. Many of originating them of the manufacture industry and service.



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