Plaza Romania

The Plaza Romania is Romania’s largest shopping centre. It contains many brand-name stores that one will not find anywhere else in the country. The existing building has 3 components- a central structure with a beautiful 40 metre diametered dome, and two new and complex wing structures. The centre has two functional sections – a mall and a hypermarket, which can be operated independently according to operation conditions. The site also includes an open-air carpark and an indoor carpark.
The entire structure has 4 floors: the basement, which contains the carpark and leisure areas; the ground floor, which contains department stores, the Hypermarket, and retail stores; the first floor, which contains retail stores, leisure areas, and cinemas; and the second floor, which contains more retail shops and cinemas, as well as a bowling alley and a food court.
The actual Google Earth image shows the building in a very early phase of construction and apears to be very old since the mall opened in 2004.

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