Prescott Speed Hill Climb

Prescott Speed Hill Climb is a hillclimb in Gloucestershire, England. The course used for most events (the “Long Course”) is 1,128 yards (1,031 m) in length, and as of late 2007 the hill record was held by Scott Moran, who set a time of 36.35 seconds on 2 September 2007 for an average speed of 62.42 miles per hour (100.46 km/h). There is also a “Short Course” of 880 yards (804.7 m), now used only by meetings organised by the Vintage Sports-Car Club.

The track is owned by the Bugatti Owners’ Club, who bought the land in 1937, the first event being staged in April of the following year, on what is now the Short Course. The track was extended in 1960 to form the present Long Course.

Stirling Moss’s first hillclimb was at Prescott in 1948, driving a Mk2 Cooper. He had hoped to enter at Shelsley Walsh somewhat earlier, but had been thwarted in this ambition as there were no spaces left in the entry list. On his actual debut at Prescott, Moss came fourth in the 500cc class.

An episode of Top Gear was filmed here, including a race between an Austin-Healey Sprite and a Peugeot 306. The Austin-Healey won the race.


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