Prototype of the Adam A700 AdamJet at Denver – Centennial

The Adam A700 AdamJet was a proposed six-seat civil utility aircraft developed by Adam Aircraft Industries starting in 2003. The aircraft was developed in parallel with the generally similar Adam A500, although while that aircraft is piston-engined, the A700 is powered by two Williams FJ33 turbofans. The two models have about 80% commonality.

The prototype A700 first flew on July 28, 2003. Two conforming prototypes were built.

As with the earlier-designed A500 piston-engined model, the A700 featured a straight tapered wing, a central fuselage, and twin wing-mounted booms which supported aft twin rudders linked by a high horizontal stabilizer. Unlike on the A500, the A700’s two engines were mounted on the sides of the fuselage, in a non-centerline thrust arrangement, eliminating one of the design advantages of the A500 configuration.

In order to balance the twin rear-mounted engines properly, the forward fuselage was lengthened by 4 feet. In the A500, the front engine is balanced by the rear engine and empennage. In the A700, the longer front fuselage balances the rear engines and empennage.

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