Red Jet 2 in Southampton

Former jet stream vessel of the Red Funnel Line. It and another jet speet ship, Red Jet 1, has been sold to the Caspian Mainport and renamed to CM Jet 1 and CM Jet 2.

Caspian Mainport is an Irish company mainly engaged in the servicing of the offshore oil industry. It has offices in Aktau, Kazakhstan concentrating in the oil production and exploration taking place in the Caspian Sea. Presumably the CM Jet 1 and CM Jet 2 will be used in this operation – very different to their current role. The Red Jet 1 and Red Jet 2 were both built by FMB Marine in Cowes, in 1991.

The newly renamed CM Jet 1 and CM Jet 2 departed from Southampton today as deck cargo on the low air draught vessel La Rochelle, built in 1991, and of 2691 gross tons. This vessel used to be a familiar sight in the continental ports as Cast Salmon. The vessel departed from Southampton on 14th May with a destination of St. Petersburg. Presumably the vessel will make her way through the inland waterway system in Russia to the Caspian Sea which it is presumed will be the new area of operation for the ex Red Jet vessels.

(infos from shipfoto.co.uk)

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