remains of a Roman bridge on the Via Annia

The Via Annia it was a Roman road running along Regio X Venetia et Histria (now comprending territories from north eastern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia).

It was running from Hatria (modern Adria) to Patavium (Padova), Altinum (Altino), Julia Concordia (modern Concordia Sagittaria, where the road crossed the Via Postumia), and Aquileia.

The road was built in 131 BC by praetor Titus Annius Rufus.

The Annia it was a Via Glarea, ie with gravel.
Of this three-arched bridge are surviving only the piers and heads in Istrian stone.
Even the river spanned by the bridge now it is gone. It is considered to be a disappeared branch of the Piave river.



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