Republic of China Air Force Beech B-1900C

The ROCAF ordered twelve Beech 1900C in October 1987 to fulfill its administrative transport needs. Deliveries commenced in 1988. Two were subsequently converted for Navaids calibration purposes. They can be easily distinguished from the “regular” Beech 1990 by their red paint above the cheatline.

After they were delivered, the Beech 1900C were assigned to the Special Transport Squadron of the Sungshan AFB Command. The squadron completed coversion from the vintage C-47 in 1988 and the C-47 were then transferred to the ROCAF Academy for training crews specialing in airlift. After all the C-47 had been retired, the ROCAF Academy switched to B-1900C for airlift crew training. As a result, a B-1900C flies from Sungshan to Kangshan each morning and returns to Sungshan after the training.



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