Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

This is Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute Indiana. It is one of the formost engineering colleges in the United States. Every year they recieve between 5000-6000 applications out of which they accept a little over 400. My son was one of the lucky ones to be accepted. If you go to Rose and you keep a good GPA and make the deans list every year you can just about write your own ticket when you graduate. When my son graduated he had his pick of companies to go to work for. The first year he worked he made more money than I have ever made in a year after 30 years of working. I never went to college, My parents were dead so I had to go to work as soon as I graduated high school. I am so proud of my son that I could just about bust. I guess you know that don’t you? 🙂



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