Royal Navy of Oman

The Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) grew out of Oman’s long seafaring history, during which Omani, Arab and Islamic culture and civilisation crossed the oceans to distant lands. Today, its duty is to protect the Sultanate’s sovereignty over its territorial waters, defend strategic and economic interests and safeguard the freedom of international shipping.

The RNO’s security duties are carried out by its modern naval fleet, which contains ships such as corvettes, missile boats and fast gun boats designed to perform a range of functions, as well as administration and support services. The fleet is reinforced by several naval bases providing secure harbours for ships and their crews and extensive operational, logistics, engineering, administrative, social and medical services, rendered by nationals qualified in the latest marine and military sciences and conversant with warship guidance systems and high technology equipment.

Over the years the RNO has gained worldwide acclaim for its measures to guarantee the safety of international shipping through Omani waters and the Straits of Hormuz, the vital artery for the export of oil to the outside world. The RNO is also respected in naval circles around the world for its commitment to co-operation with other navies in such fields as training, joint exercises, international events organised by friendly states and visits to foreign ports.

The RNO issues charts of Omani waters produced by the RNO’s National Hydrographic Survey Office. These conform to the international specifications laid down by the International Hydrographic Organisation and are of vital importance to the military and civil shipping that uses Omani waters.

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