SAIPEM 7000 – World Second Largest Crane Vessel

Saipem 7000 is the world’s second largest crane vessel, after the Thialf. The crane radius of the Saipem 7000 grants a lifting capability of 14,000 tonnes at 42 meters while the Thialf can lift 14,200 tonnes at 31.2 meters. It is owned by the oil and gas industry contractor Saipem S.p.A.

The Saipem 7000 set the world offshore lifting record of 12,150 tonnes for the Sabratha deck in the Mediterranean Sea. A local record for the Gulf of Mexico (Mexican area) was set with the 10,473 tonnes of the PB-KU-A2 deck.

The Saipem 7000 laid the 24″ pipeline for the Blue Stream project between Russia and Turkey up to the record depth of 2,150 meters in the Black Sea. This was broken at the end of 2005 by the Balder which laid a pipeline in 2,200 meters of water.

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