Steam engine being repaired

The steam engine 50 3576 of the German museums railway Nassauische Touristik-Bahn. You can see a man at the front of the engine.

The 5-axis hot steam locomotive (1Eh2) Class 50 of the unit was built in 1940 with Skoda in Pilsen and passed as 50 1106 in the German railways. There it was rebuilt after the war, received a new boiler and a mixer-preheater type Heinl and the new holding number 50 3576.

In 1988 she received an L7 as a final examination by the DR and was sold up in 1991 to a private individual. Over several stations they were acquired by the NTB in 2001 and will be put back into operation.

Their maximum speed is forwards and backwards 80 km / h, the performance is about 1700Psi.

With full inventory, it weighs about 140 tons. These stocks led them in a tender type 2’2’T26, which is about 8 tons of coal and 26 tons of water holds.

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