Taichung Park Hu Xinting,TAIWAN

Hu Xinting at Sun Moon Lake Park in Taichung, the Japanese occupation period, there have been “Park Hong-ge”, “Shannon Court,” said the steeple for two-and-pavilion, pavilion Shui Mianxia concrete support columns, beams and columns above the platform to Mainly wooden structures. Barrier to the external-iron railings. There will also be the main pillar made of cast iron stands. Four-of-the-art roof ridge arc to pay for the design of high-top shape. In response to November 24, 1908 in Taichung at the “Taiwan-wide north-south railway general formula” built as a commemoration of the opening of the railway building, and Taiwan to Japan under the auspices of the Royal Academy Palace contained leisure Prince Akishino is also the overnight Pavilion. Hu Xinting repeated construction, renovation in 1985, replaced by galvanized iron Piva, painted in red paint on the surface. Taichung City Government in October 19, 2007 completion of the repair.

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